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The Future of Online Retail Shopping is Bright—Statistics and Trends

Global online retail spending Statistics and Trends.

How to use the PriceCheck online shopping & price comparison app

Scan a barcode and compare against online prices.

Price Comparison Script by 2gees

Price Comparison Script is a eCommerce script with price comparison option there you can add some affiliate link as a external link.

UK Price Comparison Sites

42 tips to slash the cost of buying online

Comparison shopping sites compare prices from a number of online shops.
Many different types of goods can be compared, including books, music CDs, DVD

UK price comparison websites face another challenge –

Ofgem launches another investigation into comparison websites

Price Promise – Just Eat

Price Promise. We guarantee you’ll pay the same price for a delivery meal ordered on JUST EAT as you would ordering from the restaurant direct*.

Keep price comparison sites as they are, say MPs – BBC News

MPs on the Energy Committee have written to the new business secretary to demand no change to the current rules on price comparison …

A guide to price comparison websites | Marketing Donut

Price comparison websites are valuable tools to help you analyse your competitors and check out fluctuations in prices.

How much is my house worth? Get a Price Comparison Report

Compare house prices in your area. See for sale and sold prices for houses and flats similar to your own.

Compare Cheap Flights & Ticket Prices at

Compare cheap flight deals and prices today. Search millions of discounted fares to hundreds of worldwide destinations and book online at

Energy – Compare gas and electricity prices at

Quickly compare cheap prices across the market to see if you could get a great deal by switching your gas and electricity with

What can businesses learn from price comparison sites

For consumers, the opportunity to compare prices from different retailers at a glance helps them save money by finding good deals. Most of these sites now also carry user ratings that help buyers make decisions about products and retailers, and some even recommend new products to buy.

Generate Traffic to Your Site by Posting in Forums – SEO Chat

List of forums where you can post your links

Mobile App Development

Solution for price comparison mobile app




Generate Traffic to Your Site by Posting in Forums – SEO


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Browse or search the forums to see if there is already a thread on the topic. If so, post there instead of creating a new thread.
1.Start at the main forum page.
2.Click the name of one of the forums, e.g., Mac Basics and Help.
3.Click the Post New Thread button at the top or bottom of the page.
4.Type a thread title in the Thread Title box and your post in the message box. A prefix from the drop-down list is optional.
5.Click the Preview… button to check if your post came out as you want it.
6.Click the Create Thread button.

List of forums where you can post your links:




































You can either decide to create your forum posts yourself or ask for professional help from an experienced company to provide you with forum posting services, thus saving valuable time.

Posting interesting and relevant comments on authoritative forums will help you get organic, high-quality traffic to your website, increasing your page ranking efficiently and positioning your site among the top results on search engines. Increased traffic will soon translate into increased sales, and your forum posts will also convince other people in your niche that you are a reliable and reputable expert in your area of activity, helping a lot with your branding efforts as well.

Price Comparison Blog

2Gees Mobile App Development

What can businesses learn from price comparison sites?

Hello, I would like to get feedback on our website and our solution for price comparison mobile apps!

Seeing, that consumers often can’t find a suitable app or other software to improve their shopping operations we have decided to support consumers to shop to benefit from having a price comparison mobile app.

Our solution can be used for:
Product catalogs
• Search, browse and compare products
• Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer’s part number
• Scan barcodes to find products from thousands of retailers
• Sort by Price, rating or popularity
Compare prices
• Watch out for hot products and spot trends
• Check out product details
• Find out who’s selling what
• Keep up to date on price
• Pay attention to user ratings and reviews
• Compare levels of service
• and much more…

Check out our website and download our app for free (no CC required )

Try it and let us know what you think about it! Thank you

Generate Traffic to Your Site

What can businesses learn from price comparison sites?

2Gees Price Comparison Blog

Price comparison websites do a great job helping consumers find good deals, but can they also be useful to small business owners? Rachel Miller finds out how to use price comparison websites to analyze the competition and target an offer more effectively.

For consumers, the opportunity to compare prices from different retailers at a glance helps them save money by finding good deals. Most of these sites now also carry user ratings that help buyers make decisions about products and retailers, and some even recommend new products to buy.

So there is plenty there for consumers. But what can a typical small business owner learn from a price comparison website?

  1. Find out who’s selling what. Price comparison websites allow you to compare many of the suppliers of a product in one place, giving you a consumers’ eye-view of the market. It’s easy to search for the products you sell to see exactly who you are up against and find out what makes each of them special – do they have good terms of service, for example, or an easy-to-use website? It’s worth finding out what else your competitors are selling, too, because you might be missing out on popular product lines and potentially lucrative business.
  2. Keep up to date on price. In a difficult market and with consumers looking for bargains, price is more sensitive than ever before. As a result, retailers are constantly adjusting prices to try and stay ahead of the game, both on the high street and online. As a small business, you can’t afford to be out of touch on price. You may not be able to compete purely on price with the biggest firms but you must make sure that your price is competitive.
  3. Compare levels of service. Customer service is an important selling point for small businesses and can help them stand out from bigger operators. Service terms should cover delivery speeds and costs, refund policies and payment security. Crucially, they should also offer an easy way to ask questions and make complaints. Use price comparison sites to compare the service being offered by the different sellers in your market.
  4. Check out the detail. Shoppers don’t always choose the cheapest product, but will take into account all the extras, including shipping costs, the service promise and the reputation of the retailer, before committing to buy. So it’s worth checking out the details and not just comparing price tags – that’s what your customers will be doing after all.
  5. Pay attention to user ratings and reviews. Reputation is critical and many price comparison websites facilitate word-of-mouth recommendation through customer ratings and reviews. This is basically free market research that tells you which products are rated most highly. What’s more, most reviews include feedback about service as well as the products themselves so you can compare how well your competitors are meeting their customers’ expectations. Could you do better?
  6. Watch out for hot products and spot trends. Many price comparison sites pick out best-selling items or feature popular products on their home page. By spotting trends, you can make sure you stock the right goods, promote them prominently and price them competitively to take advantage of demand.


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